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Ag Games

  • Nutrients for Life

    Nutrients for Life

    Help feed the world responsibly! You are going to provide a corn crop with the nutrients it needs to grow.

  • Journey 2050

    Journey 2050

    Are you able to farm sustainably to feed over 9 billion people by the year 2050? (Age 13-Adult)

  • Farmers 2050

    Farmers 2050 (App)

    Droughts occur, mortgage payments come due, and farm chores never stop! Are you able to be a farmer? (Ages 13-Adult)

  • My American Farm

    My American Farm

    Test your ag-knowledge and gaming skills while exploring careers, interacting with American geography, learning about nutrition, building the perfect piece of equipment, and designing your own farm! (Ages 5 -12)

  • Eggville Escapades

    Eggville Escapades

    Egg know-how will get your eggs from the hen house to your plate. (Ages 8-12)

  • Project Ag Badge

    Project Ag Badge – Fall 2019

    Demonstrate your "ag-smarts" as you explore food and agriculture. Join us for the adventure fall, 2020!