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School Year Calendar

  • August


    Watermelon, squash, county fairs, farm animal care, farmers' markets, corn, games for starting school, inventors, catfish, herbs, Transcontinental Railroad, trail mix, Ag in Art: Frida Kahlo
  • September


    Chickens, Labor Day, whole grains and winter wheat, bees, butterflies, ladybugs, groundwater, breakfast, harvest moon, fall vegetables, tomatoes, peaches, mushrooms, state fair, food safety, organic harvest, Ag in Art: Winslow Homer
  • October


    Pork, Columbus Day, 4-H, archaeology, World Food Day, Halloween, cooperatives, pizza, pumpkins, apples, Why the Leaves Change Colors, earth science, Octoberfest, Ag in Art: Thomas Gainsborough, Ag in Poetry: Robert Frost, Ag Career: Soil Scientist
  • November


    American Indian Heritage Month, Thanksgiving, turkeys, pecans, Sandwich Day, geography awareness, America Recycles, statehood, broccoli, pears, Ag in Art: Georgia O'Keefe
  • December


    Forestry, Christmas trees, winter solstice, cotton, sorghum, toys, plums, carrots, Ag in Art: Oscar E. Berninghaus, Ag Career: Forester
  • January


    New Year, beans, soup, wheat bread, meat, seed catalogs, Hundreds Day, rural electrification, animals in winter, bulbs, snow, winter squash, apricots, Ag in Art: Seed Catalogs
  • February


    Sheep, Black History, Presidents' Day, potatoes, sweet potatoes, forcing flowering branches, dental health, canned foods, snack food, pancakes, cherries, Ag in Art: Giovanna Garzoni
  • March


    Peanuts, spring, baby animals, wind, clover (hay), weights and measures, Pi Day, noodles, women's history, nutrition, grapes, greens, outdoor classrooms, Read Across America, Ag in Art: Vincent Van Gogh
  • April


    April Fool, Ag Day in Oklahoma, eggs, gardening, last frost date, flowers, poetry, baseball, Made in Oklahoma, goats, Thomas Jefferson, soybeans, 89er Day, Earth Day, Arbor Day, strawberries, garden peas, poetry, Ag in Art: Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin
  • May


    May Day, children's books, Mother's Day, beef, Homestead Act, Take It Outside, Dance Like a Chicken Day, Cinco de Mayo, horses, world trade, blueberries, salad, lettuce, salad, Ag in Art: Frederick Remington and Lascaux Cave Paintings
  • June


    Dairy, fresh fruits and veggies, picnics, cheese, Juneteenth, summer solstice, blackberries, okra, Ag in Art: Paul Gauguin, Ag in Poetry: Seamus Heaney
  • July


    Sunflowers, bison, Independence Day, pickles, hot dogs, green beans, cantaloupe, Ag in Art: Thomas Hart Benton, Ag in Poetry: Sylvia Plath

Oklahoma Crop Calendar